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Asked by on Sun 8th Aug 2010
Matching taxanomy terms using Arguments in Views


I’m making a slideshows that appear on specific pages for a website, and I want the client to be able to upload images for different slideshows on this website. I have created a content type to upload photos, and add taxonomy terms to assign pictures to a specific program (taxonomy term), and a CCK file field to upload the images. Also, for each page I added the same taxonomy terms so they can assign a specific program(taxonomy terms) to that page.

Now I want to use a single block to show these pictures on the banner of the site, on all the pages, but it only show the pictures that are tagged with a specific taxanomy term on the pages that are tagged with the same taxanomy term. One way is to create a block for every program, and filter it based on the taxanomy term, but I was wondering if there is a way to use one block across the site, and use views’ arguments to match the terms applied to both the pictures and the pages, and show the pictures to where they belong based on the taxonomy term.

I would appreciate any help or suggestion.

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