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How to promote yourself through DrupalSN.com

With over 7500 members it can be hard to stand out from the crowd here on DrupalSN so here’s a mini guide we’ve put together with some tips & tricks on how to promote yourself and your Drupal skills!

1. Complete your profile information!


If you’re a company or freelancer it’s important to include:

  • your company or trade name
  • website address
  • your current availability
  • your country
  • your main expertise
  • your skills levels

2. Upload a profile picture or your logo on your profile !!!!!


Your profile picture or logo is shown throughout the site where you post content and comment and it’s proven a profile picture or logo makes your profile more personal and appealing to others!

3. Post projects in the Projects Showcase


Showcase your projects, upload multiple high quality screenshots & give a detailed write up and make sure you categorise you projects correctly.

Remember when you post any content on the site it goes into the site activity streams which show on the frontpage and every users dashboard page!

4. Update your status on a regular basis


If you’re a company looking to recruit you can you update your status with a link to your jobs page or as a freelancer you can show your availability. Or simply share things you found useful online, API docs, tutorials, anything that shows you know your Drupal!

5. Connect with Private Message


Found someone you want to work with or recruit? Make that initial connection using the private message system!

6. Follow, follow, follow!


Want to follow someones activity on the site? Our follow system now makes it even simpler to stay up-to-date with what others are up to on the site.

7. Invite others


Tell others in the Drupal world about the site and get them to sign up via our invite system.

8. Share your profile & posts elsewhere


Using the share button on post & your profile you can share everything on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more.

9. Activity streams are your friend


Don’t forget every time you post new content, update your status, answer a question, comment or like something it’s logged in the site activity streams for everyone to see on the site frontpage!!

10. Use your personalised todo lists


DrupalSN provides a personalised todo list for you to follow to get the most out of DrupalSN!

I still want more what can I do?

Currently offers three different premium ways to promote yourself or your company:

Check out the advertising page for more information.

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