DrupalSN Module release

I’ve have begun to clean up and slowly release some of the custom modules used here on DrupalSN and I’ll keep the page updated so people can keep track on the modules.

Please do NOT email me demanding I release modules that you want, I’m working as fast as and when I can, but my time is very limited at present!

A full list of modules used on the site is coming soon.

Module Sponsorship

If you would like to accelerate the clean up and release of modules used on DrupalSN then I am open to module sponsorship.
In short this would mean I could take time away from my day job to clean up modules rather than just working on modules in my spare time (which is pretty limited right now). Please get in touch at info [at] drupalsn [dot] com if you would like to sponsor a module release.

Module Sponsors

Available Modules

Soon to be released modules

Many, when I get some time :)