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Discounted hosting from Cloudways.com for all DrupalSN users

Very happy to announce Cloudways.com has very kindly offered all DrupalSN users a 50% discount on their first months hosting. Keep reading to see the discount code and to find out what Cloudsways.com is and what they offer.

Cloudways entered into offering Managed Drupal Cloud Hosting for one specific reason i.e. to make life easier for people who want to host Drupal on Cloud, but are afraid that they will lose focus on their core business and would rather get themselves entangled in Infrastructure and Application Management.

Cloudways frees Drupal and Cloud lovers from infrastructure and application management by offering Managed Drupal Cloud Hosting with a mix of never before seen features. Cloudways Managed Drupal Cloud Hosting offers,

Superfast Drupal: Drupal optimized and configured cloud gives superfast experience to your visitors and customers making their experience super awesome!

Fully Managed Drupal & Cloud: Cloudways takes care of all management issues related to Drupal and cloud including updates, application & plug-ins integration, troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance.

Free In & Out Migration: Cloudways offers free In and out migration to all Drupal sites that are hosted on traditional hosting or un-managed cloud hosting.

Scalability: With complete virtualization support, you get real-time and on demand scalability for 100% uptime during peak traffic hours.

24×7 Monitoring & Support: Cloudways monitors your cloud and application round the clock for proactive approach towards troubleshooting. Monitoring is coupled with 24×7 online support.

Drupal and Cloud Security: Cloudways places special emphasis on security, therefore, we run security audit on all applications and servers that are deployed on Cloudways platform for foolproof security.

Apart from above mentioned features, there are many other features like Managed Backups, Managed Recovery, Technical Guidance, 100% Network Uptime, CDN integration and high availability & load balancing for advanced Drupal cloud users.

All this normally starts from $44.95/month, but especially for DrupalSN users all packages are on 50% discount for the first month. This means Managed Drupal Cloud Hosting starts from $22.45/month for DrupalSN Community!

Click Here to view details and Buy Managed Drupal Cloud Hosting from Cloudways and don’t forget the discount code for all DrupalSN users: DRUPALSN-CLOUDWAYS

To use the discount code please email join [at] cloudways [dot] com or talk with the Live Chat at http://www.cloudways.com

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