About Drupal Social Network

Hello and welcome to Drupal Social Network or DrupalSN as it’s more widely known!

What is Drupal?

First up, some of you may be wondering “what the hell is Drupal”?
So for those of you completely new to Drupal this is how Drupal.org the official home of Drupal describes it:

Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

DrupalSN is in no way officially affiliated to Drupal.org.

Find out more on the Drupal website.

What is DrupalSN?

Ok, now we’ve cleared up what Drupal is, what’s DrupalSN all about?

DrupalSN is a Drupal talent finder and showcase which allow companies and recruiters to find developers and developers find companies to work for. Finding good Drupal talent is hard but DrupalSN aims to make it easier with it’s Drupal Talent Finder and Drupal Projects Showcase.

The site is also a community where like-minded Drupalers can share views, skills, ideas and generally “think Drupal” together

Drupal.org and DrupalSN are in no way in competition with each other, DrupalSN was setup to complement Drupal.org and show Drupal in a different and fun manner.

DrupalSN lets:

  • Clients browse work & find freelancers & companies to work with
  • Freelancers, companies & hobbyists showcase their Drupal work and skills
  • Anyone sign up and be part of the community!